Building a global ecosystem of innovative and collaborative alliances. Leverage your business by collaborating with us.


Collaboration opportunities with other members, enterprises, investors and beyond we build smart collaborations between alliance.

348 + Startups here. Wonder who is in here? Coming soon...


Seamlessly gathered wide range service offerings and community-powered cross-disciplinary global capabilities with multiple breakdowns.

230+ mid-sized enterprises to multinational large corporations we served.

Solution Partners

We regularly assess and define our communities needs. Join the community with international enterprise client to startups and get chance to steady client flows, merge and strategic alliances that make your company.

30+ Currently, we are developing our collaborative service model. Let's discuss the possibilities!


Angel or VC? Join the community and get monthly activity report for free. Or if you seeking services we deliver well-prepared startups deals, deep research projects, insights, and data-driven mass assessment reports of startups and so on.

5 investors and counting...


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